positively stripes

stripes top - simply
legging - connexion
shoes - gosh

hey guys. how have you been with the rainy day in Jakarta for almost everyday? heard that some of places get flood. sad to hear that. but you can take the positive side, right? we can wear stylish coat anywhere hehehe :D anyway, found this quote on @fashionweekNYC:

"Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes!"
good night, folks! ;)


in love.... with redjumpsuit!

stripes shirt - jim and jimmy
red jumpsuit - unbranded
shoes - nike
accessories - random. can't remember :p
hai guys, how have you been? i hope everything is fine. well, i have nothing to say. just wanna say hi, and i won't be MIA again ;)
good night, fellas!