black heels - nine west
jeans - ibc
floral shirt - esprit
blue blazer - flashy
some random bracelets - the little things she need

 hey guys!
long time no post, rite? first of all, we are sooooo sorry for being missing in action. really, school's stuff drive us crazy soo.. let's say happy new year for you all! happy 2012. it feels like time flies really fast, eh? really, it's like a day ago we start 2011, and now we start another year, rite? does anyone have resolutions for 2011, but didn't complete those resolutions? well, guess you can accomplish those resolutions on 2012 ;)

anyway, this is Selena. yup, she cut her long hair guys. you may see her on the previous post with long hair. now, say hello to her new hair :D
Selena's style is SIMPLE. really. she doesn't like something complicated. so for her style, she just put jeans, floral shirt, blue blazer, heels, scarf, and some random bracelets!
what do you think?