Let's play with colour!

 holaaa! My name is Amanda Rismawadha, this is our first meeting,right?I'm part of this csx project. lil bit different from Adel, i like something colourful,bright and pinky :) so i hope you enjoy my own mix and match-play clothes.

Let's play with colorful balloon! 

Let's jump like you were a little girl!
And this is my favorite teddy bear, i sleep with her everynight

Don't you dare to take her from me! haha okay maybe that's too much,but i really love her 

sneakers: converse
pants: point one
tops: unbranded
stripes outwear : unbranded


Rebel me!

i'm getting bored with my activity. i'm getting bored with people's opinion about me. i'm not the kind of girl who always update about trend,and sometimes i don't want to wear what everybody wear.hahahaha :D

so come on,let's go outside! i want to show you all about my own style.
Simple. just take a lot of bracelets, your jeans jumpsuit,and your blazer.

voila! i think i'm ready to be a rebel girl! i don't care what people say about me,i just want to have fun with my own way.

heels:donatelo jacket: unkl&nice