Let's play with colour!

 holaaa! My name is Amanda Rismawadha, this is our first meeting,right?I'm part of this csx project. lil bit different from Adel, i like something colourful,bright and pinky :) so i hope you enjoy my own mix and match-play clothes.

Let's play with colorful balloon! 

Let's jump like you were a little girl!
And this is my favorite teddy bear, i sleep with her everynight

Don't you dare to take her from me! haha okay maybe that's too much,but i really love her 

sneakers: converse
pants: point one
tops: unbranded
stripes outwear : unbranded

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  1. You have such a cute blog!!! Im deff following! keep doing what your doing :)
    Follow back if you would like! It would mean the world to me! :D


  2. the 6th photo is my favorite. you're sooo cute ;)

    a little princess

  3. thankyou so much guys!we're so glad our first blog get a good response from you:)keep follow okay?


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