meet us!

 hello! holiday is over! time to start a new life in new class,new teachers,and new friends.we're so glad but lil bit sad too bcause we know we wont at the same class anymore.but that's ok,we'll share our pictures together.this is it! complete members of csx!
 we have a different style at fashion,Adel likes too look rebel, Manda likes somethin cute and girly, Velda likes a vintage and 'lady' things, and Selena likes kinda street's style. but that's not a problem,that's what make us always look colourful!
 we just wear our simple favorite things,Manda wears a tutu that make her look like a ballerina, Adel wears her full-accessories and her hair look messy like a rockstar,haha. Velda wears her cute-vintage dress and a flower headband,and Selena wears her fav-vedora red hat and brown blazer.
voilaa! this is CSX girls- own style! hope you guys like it !


get shorty!

 summer! oh we love summer!
beach, sun-glasses, short, lemonade, oh well every best thing! :D

 but seriously, I love vintage. but could summer+vintage be one?
I mean, summer=hot pants! how am I suppose to wear hot pants while I want to look vintage?

  then I knew! I wore this purple blouse, plus grey tank top inside, and short legging!
oh and wedges! we just can't get enough with wedges :D
and don't forget the accessories, girls.

oh I'm ready for summer!



 roses are red,
violet are blue.
vintage is good,
too good to be true.

hey folks! just finish the exam, and... we all passed it! we're gonna be in the 11th grade, and at the same major! isn't that great? anddd... we hope we can be at the same class again :D

okay, stop the chit-chat hehehe...let's start talking about the looks now. we all love vintage, right? vintage is sooo awesome. dress, lace, hairpiece, etc. now, I wanna show you my vintage style.

1. hairpiece could help your looks more vintage. I wore black-lace-flower-ish hairband
2. dress with your favorite dress. I love this rose dress. it looks vintage. and for the additional accessories, you can wear necklace, or just follow my way. I just wore broken-white scarf.:D


3. finally, shoes! I guess flats are the best 'partner' for vintage (or all the shoes without heels). but, we can't always follow the rules right? so I guess, this black wedges is the best.

you can dress with your own vintage way.

dress: minimal
wedges: galbino
hairband&scarf: stroberi


spell it instant

hello folks!
just gonna give you one pict. because we've been busy lately with school stuff.
ah well, 5 days of school left before the final test. and we really hope that we can pass the test and will sit in the 11th grade, and in the same class!
we're gonna back after the final test with the next model: VELDA!!
wish us luck



i'm ready for dinner ♥

me again,Amanda. hope you don't get bored with me haha :p because i have a lot of ways to make you don't get bored,with my magic word: colourful!and tonight i will have a dinner with my dad and his friends from work.so..i think i need a little make up to look pretty and adorable,but the most i need is..just be myself:)

i love this hat hairpin♥ isn't it cute?what da ya think?

and this tosca-mini dress
maybe with high heels,daddy will say that i'm a woman now.not 'his little' girl.hahaha

well i think that's enough,i don't want to look too much,and i don't want look like a woman. i'm still my daddy's little girl forever:)


Let's play with colour!

 holaaa! My name is Amanda Rismawadha, this is our first meeting,right?I'm part of this csx project. lil bit different from Adel, i like something colourful,bright and pinky :) so i hope you enjoy my own mix and match-play clothes.

Let's play with colorful balloon! 

Let's jump like you were a little girl!
And this is my favorite teddy bear, i sleep with her everynight

Don't you dare to take her from me! haha okay maybe that's too much,but i really love her 

sneakers: converse
pants: point one
tops: unbranded
stripes outwear : unbranded


Rebel me!

i'm getting bored with my activity. i'm getting bored with people's opinion about me. i'm not the kind of girl who always update about trend,and sometimes i don't want to wear what everybody wear.hahahaha :D

so come on,let's go outside! i want to show you all about my own style.
Simple. just take a lot of bracelets, your jeans jumpsuit,and your blazer.

voila! i think i'm ready to be a rebel girl! i don't care what people say about me,i just want to have fun with my own way.

heels:donatelo jacket: unkl&nice


do it!

dress: cavalier, jacket: unkl&nice, heels: donatelo, legging: Logo

Completely enjoying the short break with Manda, Selena and Velda in my house. And this is my original style. I mix it by my self..:D
Okay, is night already. I'm going to sleep.